Sounds of Japan

In “Sounds of Japan,” you can share your unique Japanese soundscapes. Soundscapes refer to the collective term for “sounds that people cherish as symbols of their regions and wish to preserve for the future.” By tapping on the icons of each prefecture, you can experience the “100 Soundscape Selections of Japan” designated by the Ministry of the Environment, and you can also upload your own soundscapes. Additionally, contemporary soundscapes will be continually added.

“100 Soundscape Selections of Japan”

In 1996, the Ministry of the Environment (then the Environment Agency) conducted a nationwide solicitation of soundscapes that people cherish as symbols of their regions and wish to preserve for the future, recognizing them as particularly significant for preserving sound environments. These selections reflect the diversity of Japan’s soundscapes, including not only natural environments but also a wide range of cultural and local industrial sounds. The sources of these sounds range from “sounds of living creatures” such as bird songs and insect sounds to “natural sounds” such as river flows and ocean waves, and “cultural sounds of daily life” such as festivals and industries. Each represents a precious soundscape unique to its region, to be passed down to future generations. (Ministry of the Environment, Water and Atmosphere Environment Bureau, Atmospheric Living Environment Department) (Sound sources and explanatory text: Japan Society of Noise Control Engineering, from the Sound Library of the Japan Society of Noise Control Engineering) (Background Mount Fuji photo provided by Yoshito Ishimaru)

Let’s Share Your Soundscapes!

Soundscapes aren’t exclusive to special regions! The sounds you hear on your usual walking path, the bustle of festivals, the incidental sounds you hear while traveling—everything is “your unique soundscapes.” You can share the soundscapes around you under “Sounds of Japan.” Just tap the recording button at the bottom left of the “Sounds of Japan” tab to record the soundscapes you discover, and share them with photos and descriptions!

1. Tap “Record Soundscapes” at the bottom left of the screen
2. Add a description and a photo of the soundscapes, then tap “Post”
3. Select the prefecture
4. Your posted soundscapes will be added to the map of Japan

To share your soundscapes, you need to register an account (email address/username). Posts containing inappropriate sound sources/images/text may be deleted.

Join the “Thousand Mizugoto Association”

If you own a Mizugoto, you can register it for free as a member of the Thousand Mizugoto Association. With a goal to revive Japan’s ancient “Dragon Veins Network of Japan” that has protected the country throughout history, by allowing the high-frequency sounds of Mizugoto from a thousand locations nationwide to resonate simultaneously. Please also upload the sound of your Mizugoto as a part of Japan’s soundscapes.